Via our own publishing company and strategic partnerships with - amongst others - Oriente Musik (label and publisher) we have firsthand access to

the master and synchro rights (One stop licensing) of the musical works of:

Eastern Europe, Jewish Music
Kroke // Daniel Kahn // Chicago Klezmer Ensemble // Di Naye Kapelye
Klezmer Alliance // Polina & Merlin Shepherd // David Saltiel

The Balkans, Turkey, The Middle East
Čači Vorba // Brenna MacCrimmon // Sanda Weigl // Yinon Muallem

Tine Kindermann // Peter Ludwig //Trio Obscur // Mariachi Dos Mundos // 6 Australes // Papá Roncón & Katanga

the historic recordings (master and partial synchro rights) of

Pjotr Leschenko // Maria Tănase // Ibrahim Özgür

the master rights of numerous orchestras and choirs in the area of classical music

the copyright of the German composer Karl Erich Schumann

Moreover, we have access to copyright owners in USA via our US-partner and sub-publisher HACATE Entertainment (member of ASCAP and BIEM)