Music Counselling applies where music is to be connected with different cultural or economic events, acting as a liaison between their creative and business ends. We assist with planning and realisation of your ambitious project

  • at the intersection of music and visual media, handling the process of choosing, negotiating, and incorporating pieces of music into visual media, including film, television, advertising, theatre, and e-gaming. We offer research, clearance and acquisition of synchro and master rights as well as placement and on-going support of score composers and sound designers.
  • at the intersection of music and market, counselling and advising composers and musicians regarding production, presentation, release and marketing.
  • at the intersection of repertoire and its exploitation, counselling and supervising registration and rights claiming, and handling the contacts between owners and users
  • As for us, counselling means partnership in finding and defining the needs of divergent players, empathy in art and artists, and leadership in experience, knowledge, taste, and style.